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Our ‘Interns Full Cycle Model’ is perfect for an individual who is planning to break through into a new domain of the IT industry or needs career up-gradation maybe from Manual to Automation or career switch to a senior position.

Under this internship, you will go through an extensive step-by-step and “L1 to L5″ training getting placed with our clients.

Let’s understand in brief how this works.

L1 - Training:

This is an initial phase where we provide different Training Programs either as per the candidate’s interest or on the candidate’s skill assessment. We offer internships in various domains such as web automation, mobile automation, backend automation, API Automation, BA, PM, and Security.

L2 - Live/Projects:

This is the most crucial phase as a candidate gets an opportunity to work on various live projects on the web, mobile and API automation, and employee in-demand technologies such as GIT, Jenkins, BrowserStack, sauce labs, agile, and many more. These live projects are combined with daily tasks and code reviews, hence will keep you a step ahead of the rest.


L3 - Mock Interviews:

This is a phase where you learned and garnered knowledge from L1 and L2 get into use in the form of Mock Interviews, advanced Live Projects, and code review.

L4 - Interview by Clients:

Once you have excelled in mock interviews and are ready to move to the next step. You will be interviewed by our clients where you will exhibit your potential and knowledge. In case you fail to move to the next step, we will conduct feedback cycles to share the weaknesses and strengths of the candidate.

L5 - Support:

Once a candidate joins the company, we provide support and make him acquainted with the project, new team, tech stack, and company’s functioning etc.

Internships We Offer:

Software Testing

Software Testing is all about evaluating a software product or application and how it is supposed to function.

  • Ideal for a candidate who has a knack for software testing, and software bugs and wants to explore a new domain.
  • Career opportunities: Starting from QA Analysts to Automation testers and Test architects.
  • Salary: Range from $75,000 per annum to $95,000 per annum, with an average salary of $77,700 per annum.

QA Automation

QA Automation is a sub-domain of software testing that uses automated testing tools to run tests on the software.

  • Ideal for candidates who have an interest in coding and at the same time like to break dev code through automation.
  • Career opportunities: QA Automation Engineer, QA Engineer/SDET and Cloud Engineer.
  • Salary: The average QA Automation Engineer salary in the United States is $81,356 per annum and ranges between**$70,751per annum** and $89,305 per annum.

Business Analysis

Business Analysis is a professional technique used to identify business needs and solve problems.

  • Ideal for candidates keen on planning and monitoring, business management & communication requirements.
  • Career Opportunities: Business Analyst Manager, Data Business Analyst, IT Business Analyst, Quantitative Analyst and Information Security Analyst.
  • Salary: The average salary for a business analyst in the United States is $82,040 per year.

Project / Program Management

Project / Program Management is the process of managing several related projects, often to improve an organization’s performance.

  • Ideal for candidates who have a knack for project management, leadership, communication, and organization.
  • Career Opportunities: Starting from entry-level to project manager to Senior project manager takes you to Director of project management.
  • Salary: The average salary for a Project Manager in the United States is $76747 per year.

Cyber Security Testing

Cyber Security Testing employees multiple technologies and strategies to determine how protective your website is against a potential cyber attack.

  • Ideal for candidates who have an interest in simulating cyberattacks within the organization’s servers, application or website.
  • Career Opportunities: Starting from entry-level as a cyber security analyst to mid-level Network Security Engineer, Cyber Security Analyst and Security Architect to high-level ethical hackers and incident manager.
  • Salary: The average cyber security salary in the USA is $60.02 per hour. At entry-level you can expect $88,042 per year which goes up as you gain experience to $164,792 per year

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